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CDFI Loan Fund Technology Landscape: User Survey Results
©:  Opportunity Finance Network

Presenter: Seth Julyan, OFN
Date: July 13, 2017

OFN's CDFI Loan Fund Technology Landscape: User Survey Results report is now available for download. Based on OFN's 2016 survey of 100 CDFI loan funds, the report explores common software solutions used by loan funds—including customized spreadsheets and databases and popular mainstream programs like Excel, QuickBooks, and Salesforce—and provides user feedback on them. As technology has become an essential tool in the support of CDFI operations, CDFIs need to understand the performance factors of these different programs, and CDFI Loan Fund Technology Landscape provides useful insight into different solutions that can help CDFIs exploring new technology options.

Cast: Opportunity Finance Network

Tags: opportunity finance network, ofn, technology, survey and results

©:  Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Cast: Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Luxembourg: connecting you with global markets
©:  Luxembourg For Finance

Discover how Luxembourg´s unique cross-border expertise connects international investors with Europe and European investors with the world.

Cast: Luxembourg For Finance and Playdead

Tags: Luxembourg, connectivity, cross border and expertise

Luxembourg RMB Forum 2017 (Part 3)
©:  Luxembourg For Finance

Cast: Luxembourg For Finance

Luxembourg RMB Forum 2017 (Part 2)
©:  Luxembourg For Finance

Cast: Luxembourg For Finance

Luxembourg RMB Forum 2017 (Part 1)
©:  Luxembourg For Finance

Cast: Luxembourg For Finance

What is the debate regarding digital identity?
©:  Luxembourg For Finance

“We have always been multi-dimensional," says digital identity entrepreneur Julian Ranger, whose vision is to rethink the data value exchange.

Cast: Luxembourg For Finance

Tags: Julian, Ranger, FinTech, Digime, Luxembourg and data

Can banks benefit from the new digital identity ecosystem?
©:  Luxembourg For Finance

We have moved into a new stage in the ecosystem, between FinTech and the start-up community and banking as a whole, " explains Sam Maule, Director, Digital & FinTech at NTT DATA Americas.

Cast: Luxembourg For Finance

Tags: Dave, Sam, Maule, NTT DATA Americas, banks, Luxembourg and FinTech

Is identity the new money and the new currency in the digital age?
©:  Luxembourg For Finance

Dave Birch, Director of Research at Consult Hyperion shares his insight into how the concept of identity in a digital age is spinning into new areas we have never contemplated before.

Cast: Luxembourg For Finance

Tags: Dave, Birch, Hyperion, currency, Luxembourg and FinTech

What is the big challenge with digital identity?
©:  Luxembourg For Finance

"When you look at digital identity there is no de facto listing globally that anybody can look to with any element of rigour," says David Brear, Founder and CEO of II:FS, a FinTech consultancy that helps banks become truly digital.

Cast: Luxembourg For Finance

Tags: FinTech, II:FS, digital, identity, banks, Luxembourg and Dave Brear

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