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Amazon Puts Whole Foods on Fast Track to Conventional Supermarket
©: US Business

Whole Foods will change the way companies can sell and market their products beginning next year, banning ‘brand advocates’ from stores and pushing sellers to pitch to the grocer’s Austin, Texas headquarters.

Some Toys 'R' Us Debt Takes Hit From Bankruptcy Filing
©: US Business

Toys “R” Us’s bankruptcy filing has sparked a rout in some of the company’s debt, as investors grapple with the fallout from the unexpected move.

Daimler to Invest $1 Billion in Alabama Plant
©: US Business

Daimler AG plans to invest $1 billion in its Alabama manufacturing operations and start production of a fully electric sport-utility vehicle, a move that comes as the German auto maker expands its U.S. footprint and global electrification drive.

What Google Wants With HTC's Smartphone Business
©: US Business

Google’s $1.1 billion deal with HTC carries risks, but the internet giant needs more scale if it is to maintain its influence in the smartphone business.

HTC follows BlackBerry and Nokia off global stage
©:  Europe homepage

Heightened competition and lack of dynamism sealed fate of handset maker

Yellen refuses to be derailed by low-inflation mystery
©:  Europe homepage

Fed chair sets in play carefully choreographed plan for reducing balance sheet

Jimmy Kimmel rails against health care bill for 2nd night
©:  Business and financial news -

Jimmy Kimmel had more to say about Sen. Bill Cassidy and the new health care bill on his ABC broadcast Wednesday night.

Ford using hologram goggles to design cars
©:  Business and financial news -

Working with the Microsoft Hololens goggles allows designers to see a full-sized computer model of a car as if it were in a room with them.

Flipkart, Amazon squabble over products as sale season peaks
©:  Business Today| LATEST HEADLINES

Both sites are accusing each other of putting exclusive products on offer that they do not have the rights for.

Federal Reserve keeps US rates steady, to start portfolio drawdown in October
©:  Business Today| LATEST HEADLINES

The Fed, as expected, also said it would begin in October to reduce its approximately $4.2 trillion in holdings of U.S. Treasury bonds and mortgage-backed securities acquired in the years after the 2008 financial crisis.

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